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by Lyssa Clayton RSHom, Dip Hom ECH

About Homeopathy

Homoeopathy is a system of complementary, energetic medicine with a two hundred year history of observation, exploration and practical, clinical experience. 


Each person is unique, experiencing illness and dis-ease in individual ways. With homoeopathy, the totality of your emotional, mental and physical symptoms are seen as important expressions of your health.


Homoeopathic remedies are non-toxic, safe and gentle and so are ideal for use during pregnancy, while breastfeeding and for babies and children.


Who do I work with?

I work with people of all ages, from newborn, children, teenagers and men and women at all stages of life with a wide range of health concerns. I enjoy working with anyone moving through major life transitions and challenges. I can offer a free 15 minute chat if you would like to meet with me and find out how I work.


People consult a homoeopath for a  variety of reasons; these range from a general sense that they could feel better and have more energy, through acute illnesses, or for help with more deep seated health challenges. Homoeopathy can be used alongside any treatment and advice you may choose to receive from medical  or other complementary practitioners.


What to expect from a consultation:

I am interested in hearing what you would like help with, and in building up an in-depth picture of what symptoms you have and how you, uniquely, experience them. 


I will prescribe a remedy which I feel is best suited to you and arrange to meet with you again in three to six weeks time to explore how you have responded to that remedy stimulus.


Who is homeopathy for?

Homeopathy is a safe, effective medicine for people with almost any condition you might see a doctor for. Below are some of the reasons people use homeopathy: 


Recurrent flus/coughs

Anxiety & stress 


Ear infections


Shock & trauma 

Pregnancy - morning sickness, SPD, post natal depression, breast feeding problems, infertility


Babies & children - Teething, colic, illness, behaviour issues, Autistic Spectrum Disorders

Travel - common ailments when travelling abroad 

Fears & phobias 

Hormonal imbalance - PMS, irregular periods 


Preparation for surgery & post-operative support 

Post viral problems

Skin problems 

IBS, candida imbalance & other digestive problems 



About Lyssa

I started learning homoeopathy around 30 years ago and was immediately fascinated. I was excited about the potential for Homeopathy to enhance and support health and well-being, and I have been using homoeopathy personally ever since. 


I completed a 4 year training in 1998 in Edinburgh, and have  continued learning through attending a wide range of Continuing Professional Development seminars, courses  and study days and with personal study. 


I have three children, two of whom are now young adults.  Homoeopathy has been an integral and invaluable tool for me in supporting their well being from birth.


I am a Registered member of the Society of Homeopaths.  More information about Homeopathy and the Society of Homeopaths can be found at


Consultation prices

Adults (12 yrs old and over) 

Initial Consultation - 2 hours: £105 - FREE 30 min discovery call (internet) 

Follow - 1 hour:  £55

Babies & Children (up to 12 years) 

Initial Consultation - 1.5 hours: £65 

Follow up: £45

Concessions and Low Cost Clinic:

Some concessions are available for people in receipt of benefits or on low incomes or over 70. Family discounts and joint mother/baby consultations available. Please do contact Lyssa or the clinic for details

FREE 30 minute chat

Meet Lyssa informally, so you can learn how she works and to help you decide if Homeopathy is for you via the internet.  


Useful Links

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Society of Homeopaths:


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