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Sports Massage 


What is Sports Massage?

Sports massage is a form of deep tissue massage, designed to loosen tight muscles, lengthen short muscles, improve recovery after exercise, and correct postural imbalances. 


Sports massage should play an important part in the life of any sportsman or woman, whether they are injured or not, and it can be just as beneficial for non-athletes.  Massage has a number of benefits - physical, physiological and psychological. 


Treatment for Sports Massage can help maintain the body generally in a better condition, reduce incidence of injuries, improve mobility, treat and restore mobility to injured muscle tissue, boost performance and extend the overall life of your sporting career.


Sports massage is reported to have many beneficial effects in athletes.  It can be used pre-performance, post-performance, during training or for rehabilitation.  Athletes of all levels may benefit from sports massage.  If you are looking for a way to improve your athletic performance, then sports massage may be for you.  


Physical effects of Sports Massage

Increased flexibility

Increased range of joint motion

Increased tissue elasticity

Increased tissue permeability

Increased elimination of exercise waste products (lactic acid)

Decreased muscle tension

Decreased chance of injury

Decreased recovery time

Decreased muscle spasms

Decreased neurological excitability (nerves more relaxed)

Break down of scar tissue

Open micro-circulation



Physiological effects of Sports Massage

Pain Reduction


Reduction in anxiety

Increased sense of wellbeing



What will the treatment involve?

You will be asked about your medical history and any existing problems that require specific attention.  You will then be treated lying both face up and face down on a treatment couch.


About the Practitioner

At the moment, we do not have Sports Massage at the clinic, other than incorporated within Amanda's Osteopathy.  Amanda is always available to answer any questions concerning Sports Massage/Therapy and concerns you may have.


Massage Prices

Full hour massage 

Half hour massage



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