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by Morag Curtis, Msc, Dip CAH, PHLP, HPD, Cert yHp. (NGH), NHCH(Lic)

About Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy is a naturally occurring state of mind, an altered consciousness, like a day dream.  All your experiences, everything you have been told, seen or heard, resides in this unconscious part of your mind.  Hypnotherapy helps you to access your unconscious and make changes in your thought processes.  Thoughts and fears in your unconscious mind can trigger tension and pain in your physical body.  As a therapy, hypnotherapy has a potential to move people forward to a positive state of mind, overcoming phobias, habits and behaviours and changing negative or obstructive thoughts. 


Hypnotherapy Sessions

This first session is introductory and gives us a chance to check that we can work together.  A full case history will be taken so that a therapy plan can be individually tailored to your needs.  Self-hypnosis will be taught and you will experience relaxation hypnosis.  Most conditions can be helped over 1 - 6 sessions.  The Stop Smoking session is completed in one session but that can last between 1.5 to 2 hours.  If you are ready to make changes in your life hypnotherapy can give you the tools to do so.



Conditions treated include:-


Confidence and low self-esteem


Fear of birth


Panic attacks

Performance or exam nerves

Stop Smoking

Unwanted habits


About Morag

Morag Curtis, Msc, Dip CAH, PHLP, HPD, Cert yHp. (NGH), NHCH(Lic)


Morag completed an honors degree in Psycology with the Open University and then went on to train with the Washington School of Clinical and Advanced Hypnosis and set up her own practice.  She later completed an MSc in Occupational Therapy, specialising in adult mental health.  She places great imporance on creating a non-judgemental and supportive environment so that her clients can relax and feel safe.  She has organised and taught community-based workshops on self-development and stress management, worked with LGBTI clients and co-delivered stress management workshops for doctors.


Morag is fully insured and a member of The National Council of Hypnotherapy, undertaking regular continuing professional development to update her skills.


Consultation Prices:


Initial consultation & hypnotherapy session: £50 - reduction for student/full time education

Follow up hypnotherapy session: £50 - reduction for student/full time education

Stop smoking £95 - reduction for student/full time education

Many conditions can be helped over 1 to 6 sessions


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